GT Racing Stripe Decal Kit #5



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This racing stripe kit includes four stripes: outer stripes are 0.9" (20mm) the inner stripes are 4" (100mm) with a 0.5" (10mm) gap between them.

These stripes are custom made to fit YOUR car an YOUR choice of colour. You only need to order the sections you want - for example a stripe for your bonnet and roof - or go for the whole full car graphic including trunk/hatch and bumper(s)!

To place your order first measure you car to find out the lengths you need. Order the section(s) required - make sure you order lengths a bit longer than you need! If you want to order front and rear bumper sections add up the bumper sections required (eg if your front bumper is 1 foot and the rear bumper is also 1 foot then order 2 feet in total).