Answers to General Questions

 Q: What is a Die Cut Vinyl Decal?
 A: Die cut decals are one of the more popular style of decals and you see them everyday on the back of people's card. They are typically only 1 or 2 colors. The decal is of the image only, i.e. there is no background. These decals are plotted on a vinyl cutter which has a small blade that cuts into the vinyl, but not the backing paper. After the cutting, the excess vinyl is "weeded" away by hand and then covered with an application masking tape(transfer tape).

 Q: What is a Full Color Printed Decal?
 A: A full color decal is printed on a special printer with Eco-Solvent inks. The inks are designed for outdoor use up to 3 years. We are able to add a lamination to the decal to extend the life of the decal by another 3+ years. This lamination will also provide additional protection from the sun and chemicals such as gas and oil. Standard cuts are usually rectangular or oval in shape, however we are able to contour cut these decals to almost any size.

 Q: What services do you offer ?
 A: We specialize in producing custom print and cut vinyl graphics, decals, lettering, canvas and poster printing, wall art stickers for home, office and other commercial applications for small businesses and individuals at budget prices with no compromise on quality.

 Q: Can I install the graphics myself?
 A: Yes, most of our products are easy enough for a novice to install. Please view our instructions by clicking here.

 Q: Will the graphics damage the paint or glass of my vehicle?
 A: No, the vinyl material will not harm these surfaces. It will actually protect them and act as a shield to the sun, UV rays, dust, scratches etc.

 Q: Do you offer custom graphics/services?
 A: Yes we do. We offer a wide range of services, from graphics design to custom graphics and fabrication. Email us for info.

 Q: What type of files should I provide for my custom decal?
 A: The best file would be a vector file, either an .eps or illustrator. For full color digital decals, we would also be able to accept a raster file such as a PSD, JPG or Tiff. Be sure the raster file has a dpi of 300. For die cut decals, we require a vector file. If a raster file is provided for a die cut job, there will be an additional fee to convert the file to a vector format that will be suitable for cutting.

 Q: If I save my jpg or tiff as a pdf/eps, is it a vector file?
 A: No, just because you save a jpg/tiff/pdf or any other bitmap format as an eps/ai file does not make it a vector file. The file will still need to be converted or recreated in vector format.

 Q: Can I change my low resolution picture into a high resolution image?
 A: No, resolution can be reduced, but never increased. Despite what you see on TV, you cannot just press an enhance button to make an image sharper or clearer.

 Q: What kind of vinyl do you use?
 A: We typically use High Performance 7yr Vinyl from Avery / Metamark / Hexis for all of our die cut decals. For our die cut wall decals, we use Oracal. For our digitally printed decals, we use Metamark 7 yr digital vinyl.

 Q: Do you ship outside of the Australia?

 A: Yes, we ship worldwide!

 Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
 A: View our delivery information page by clicking here.

 Q: Why hasn't my email inquiry/question been answered?
 A: We will answer all your questions and concerns in a timely manner. The average response time from us is within 24 hours. Please make sure your reply email is working and accurate.

 Q: How do I know if I am ordering the right size for my decal sticker ?
 A: Prior to ordering your decal make sure to take the dimensions of the space you are going to place your decal, and take into consideration how it will appear proportionally to other items within the area (furniture, décor, etc). Images used on this site are for illustration purposes only and act as a guide. All product images shall not be taken to imply ‘actual size’ in any manner. All of our designs can be "custom sized", so let us know if you would like any design larger or smaller. 


     Answers to Orders and Payments

 Q: What is your return/exchange policy?
 A: Since all products are made to the customers specifications, we do not accept returns or exchanges. View our terms and conditions page by clicking here.

 Q: When will my order arrive?
 A: See our delivery information page for details by clicking here.

 Q: What type of payment do you accept?
 A: Online, we accept PayPal (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). We also accept Direct Deposit.

 Q: Will I get a tax receipt with my order ?
 A: To keep costs and prices down, we will only supply a receipt upon request. As we are not required to collect GST yet, your invoice/receipt will have no GST amount.

 Q: Do you take phone, fax or mail orders?
 A: We are an Internet based e-Commerce company that operates entirely on the internet. We do not take phone orders nor do we have a customer hotline. Doing business completely online helps keep our costs down so that we can pass the savings on to you, our customer. 


     Answers to Installation, Care and Removal

 Q: Where can these decals be applied?
 A: All our vinyl decals and graphics can be applied to any smooth, non-porous surface. Please make sure the surface is clean and oil free. Surface quality is a major factor in the life and durability of vinyl.

 Q: Will your decals stick to my wall?
 A: Most likely yes. Wall decals will have a hard time adhereing to the following surfaces:

  • Highly textured paint
  • Patched area that have not been primed
  • Moisture behind the drywall.
  • High humidity areas, such as bathrooms.
  • Dirty or dusty walls
  • Freshly painted walls. Should allow a minimum of 30 days cure time.
  • High Gloss paint.

 Q: What are the decals made from and how long will they last?
 A: All of our products are made from high quality and high gloss vinyl material with deeper, richer and cleaner colors. They are rated either from 5 to 7 years of long-term outdoor durability depending on usage. Mirror chrome is rated 2 years. They are made with a permanent solvent base arylic adhesive which creates greater adhesive capabilities. These materials are of optimum quality and have excellent workability and removal properties.

 Q: I have bubble in my decal, how do I get rid of them?
 A: Don't worry, it happens to us all at one point. Bubbles are generally caused by trapped pockets of air behind the decal. You can take an xacto knife or push pin and poke a hole to release the air and then apply pressure to the bubble to force the air out. Sometimes the bubble will diminish on their own with the temperature changes of being in the sun.

 Q: How do I install and remove the decals?
 A: View our instructions by clicking here.

 Q: Will the decals come off after installation?
 A: Once installed please allow to dry for at least a day of fair weather before any stress is put on them, such as car wash, waxing, driving on the freeway, etc. Other than that, they are on until you want them to come off.

 Q: Can I reuse my vinyl wall decal?
 A: In some circumstances the vinyl decal can be reused. Simple designs such as polka dots stickers, stars, rings, etc, can be carefully removed and reapplied to another surface. However, due to the nature of the material, as well as variances in ways people tend to attempt to remove their decals, we cannot guarantee that every design is safe to reuse.

 Q: Will there be any damage to my walls/vechicle body/etc after I remove the decal?
 A: Not at all. All of our vinyl sticker products are easy to remove, and will not leave any residue on your substrate. This makes our wall decals perfect for those who are renting a home or office, college students living in dorms, or individuals that are looking for a new and fun way to decorate their home.

Note: In some circumstances, such as decal set on glass or windows, it may be difficult to peel off the decal ; then we recommend to use a blow dryer on heat position to loosen the decal bond while removing it. You can also use this technique when your wall decal is set on a fragile surface that you are really afraid to damage. Please refer to our instructions by clicking here.


     Answers to Discounts and Sponsorship

 Q: Do you offer wholesale, group buys or club discounts?
 A: Yes we do. Please contact us.